Zuzana Halupova

Born in 1925 in Kovačica. Died in 2001.
She completed five grades of the primary school in Kovačica. She was working exclusively as an artist.
Lived and worked in Kovačica.
The main light motif of her work are children, this made her famous and thus she got a nickname ‘Mother Zuzana’.Sshe is also well known for her illustrations of winter  and her rich work includes genre art, interior, themes from the Bible, the Romani people and everyday life. She is the most fruitful and most famous painter of the Gallery, who also made the Gallery famous all over the world.
She became a member of the Gallery of Naïve Art in 1964.

  • Day of bitrh1925
  • Day of death2001
  • CityKovačica