Martin Paluška

Born in 1913 in Kovačica. Died in 1984.g.
He completed six grades of the primary school in Kovačica and a three-year technical school for crafts in Kačarevo. He worked in Belgrade, Pančevo, and finally as a director of a mill industry in Kovačica.
Lived and worked in Kovačica.
He is one of the founders of naïve art in Kovačica; he painted with a great precision and attention to details;. He showed everyday life of people in his town with a specific detail paid to machines used when working on the field. Therefore his paintings show genre art, but also still life. He mainly used the oil on canvas technique. He became the member of the Gallery of Naive Art in 1952.

  • Day of bitrh1913
  • Day of death1984
  • CityKovačica